Raven Radio Theater

Young people love stories and radio dramas are a great way to experience a story.

At you will find original scripts for radio plays that can be performed by students in the classroom complete with background sound effects, and a wealth of information about this fascinating and unique art form. So look around, have a listen too, and discover for yourself how the creative use of radio dramas can make learning both exciting and an highly effective educational strategy.

Raven Radio Theater

The Raven Radio Theater traveled to hundreds of schools throughout the U.S.

broadcasting "live" student-produced radio dramas to the entire school community.

The techniques, and script development for all Raven Radio Theater scripts

were developed from working directly with students and teachers on site.

Deer Creek Elementary

Nevada City, California

Off to California

4th Grade History Curriculum

Chicago Park Elementary

Grass Valley, California

Doc Merriweather

5th Grade, Language Arts

Boston Harbor Elementary

Olympia, Washington

Westward to Washington

4th Grade History Curriculum

Featured Scripts

The Raven Radio Theater Scripts come complete with detailed

casting instructions, background sound effects and more.

4th Grade US History

Off to California

This historical radio drama tells the compelling story of the Morrison family of Missouri, who make the dangerous overland journey by covered wagon in the year 1850. There are two variations on this script Westward to Washington, and Westward to Oregon.


Downloadable Script (PDF) Background Sound Effects (Mp3)

Language Arts

The Black Knight

The Black Knight is based on an ancient Celtic myth, an allegorical tale about a King and his three sons. An adventure full of magic cloaks, singing harps, talking trees and sudden storms. This story helps students discover the hidden strength and courage that lies within them.


Downloadable Script (PDF) Background Sound Effects (Mp3)

Character Education - History

Seven Miles to Freedom

This play tells the story of Robert Smalls, a slave in Charleston, South Carolina, who dreams of becoming a free man. In a daring adventure, Robert, commandeers the “Planter,” and sails her past the deadly guns of two forts turning her over to the Union blockade.


Downloadable Script (PDF) Background Sound Effects (Mp3)

Make learning fun with an activity that students will remember for a lifetime.

Teachers Say. . .


"My students enjoyed making the radio production immensely!"

~Jessica Wittcop, M.Ed. Nashville, TN


“The Raven Radio Theater was so fun! The students and I (and parents) all loved it and learned a lot!"

~ Bob Walsh, Deer Creek Elementary, Nevada City, CA


"My students LOVED doing the play The Black Knight…they even got to record it at our community radio station."

~Kari Torgerson, Teacher, Grand Rapids, MN